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HDS8325 Record+Stream+Touch Screen+2-CH HDMI Mini Switcher


Mini switcher HDS8325
5" touch LCD screen
UVC and RTMP network stream
TF card record
Input: 2 HDMI input
Output: 1*HDMI PGM, 1* HDMI Multiview


Small size and easy to carry
Special effects transition
Keyboard can be extended through the DCB interface
Used in studios, outdoor sports events, program performances and other scenarios


4Ksignal/100+Transition Switcher HDS8301 Record/Stream/Luma/Chroma


The HDS8301, a dedicated switcher for Broadcast & TV / studio, adopts a portable integrated design, metal shell,
 small size and light weight, which can be applied to the video special effect switching requirements of small scenes. 
The device integrates multiview processor, special effect generator, audio processor, control keyboard and other common switcher components.

·Portable integrated design
·Metal body, high strength and light weight
·Support up to 4 HDMI inputs
·2 stereo MIC inputs
·1 LINE IN input
·1 LINE OUT output
·Support 1 USB3.0 output video stream, clear picture quality
·Hundreds of special effect wipes such as circle, rhombus,fan, plum blossom, shutter, etc.
·Support 4K signal input
·TF card to record PGM screen
·Chroma key and Luma key
·Support PC remote control
·The equipment comes with color baroutput screen
·Support audio follow, mix function
·Support HDMI audio de-embedding
·PGM output: 1 HDMI
·Multiview output: 1 HDMI
·Support special effects switching such as MIX / FADE
·Support CUT hard cut, support AUTO special effect switching
·Support Tally / Network control
·Support still function
·Support PIP/POP window function