HDS6112 12-CH Switcher


DEVICEWELL 12-CH switcher HDS6112 integrates multiple control modes. The keyboard can be used to set special effects and transition modes. The knob can control the LCD display. The LCD will display various states of the current device in real time. The built-in menu display function allows the device to be set up more intuitively and efficiently, and the camera joystick can control the distance between the camera and the camera.
DEVICEWELL 12-CH switcher HDS6112 is an 12-CH SDI input, 4-CH SDI output, 2-CH HDMI output and multiview output broadcast-level video signal. The 12-CH switcher HDS6112 is suitable for live performance, course recording and in-shed navigation. 

  • Support 14 screen split monitoring
  • Support SD / HD / 3G signal format
  • Input: 12*SDI
  • Output: 4*SDI, 2*HDMI PGM output
  •            Multiview output 2*SDI, 1* HDMI
  • 1* XLR balanced audio input&output; 
  • Support SDI audio de-embedding; support audio follow-up and mix switching function
  • Input format auto-detected and output format selectable.
  • Record PGM video to SD card, up to 1080p60
  • Support 1*SDI custom output PGM/PVW.
  • Support 1*AUX output.
  • T-Bar/AUTO/CUT/FTB transitions and MIX/ FADE/ WIPE/INV effects
  • Luma Key&Chroma Key; Support overlay icon
  • Support RS422 control cameras

12xSDI Switcher HDS6312-Record/Stream/Luma/Chroma/Camera Control


The HDS6312, a dedicated switcher for Broadcast & TV / studio, adopts a portable integrated design, metal shell, small size and light weight, which can be applied to the video special effect switching requirements of small scenes. The device integrates multiview processor, special effect generator, audio processor, control keyboard and other common switcher components.

HDS6312 conforms to the SMPTE standard and supports 12-CH SDI signal input. Simultaneous output of multiview and PGM signals.

·A separate PATTERN KEY can be set with various irregular patterns, and the position, size, and quantity of images can be adjusted. There are hundreds of special effects such as circular, diamond, fan, plum blossom, and louver

·Support joystick and camera control

·Industrial grade mechanical buttons with professional feel

·Support RJ45 remote control

·Support DCB control

·Radio and television standard Tally interface

·Support GPI control

·Support foot pedal, control handle and other inputs

·Support 12xSDI input


·PGM output: 2-CH HDMI+2-CH SDI

·Support TF card recording

DeviceWell 12-CH Switcher HDS6112 -Create a perfect audio-visual feast


A dedicated switcher for broadcast, TV and studios, it is the first choice for large-scale live broadcasts. The twenty-channel switcher integrates multiple control methods. Special effects and transition methods can be set through the keyboard. The built-in menu display function can set up the equipment more intuitively and efficiently. The joystick can control the distance and distance of the camera.

The twenty-channel switcher is a switcher with 12 SDI  video signal inputs,  4 SDI outputs, and 4 HDMI output broadcast-grade video signals. The twenty-channel switcher is suitable for live performances, course recordings, and studio directing, etc. The switcher has a variety of functions. Such as multi-format video input with adaptive input resolution, analog balanced audio input and output, audio embedding and deembedding, mixing, TALLY, TF card recording, network port streaming, keying, RS422 and RJ45 control, etc. You can add LOGO, station logo, background animation and other materials through USB playback. With remote upgrade capabilities, users can perform video switching and audio mixing functions with additional effects through simple operations.


  • Support 12-CH SDI input
  • MULTIVIEW output: 1 HDMI + 1 SDI
  • PGM output: 3-CH HDMI+2-CH SDI
  • Support 1 AUX custom output
  • Support TF card recording
  • Support RJ45 remote control
  • Support DCB control
  • Broadcast & TV standard tally interface
  • Support GPI control
  • Support network port push streaming
  • Support inputs such as foot pedals and control handles
  • Station logo and graphic and text overlay