HDS7103 (Half 1U MINI Switcher)

DeviceWell HD video switcher HDS7103, this is a switcher that can be combined with DIY. It adopts portable integrated design. The standard half 1U can be combined with other half 1U products to form a standard 1U, full metal casing, which can be in place. Expand video live video production! The device integrates common components such as multi-screen preview processor, special effect generator, mixed audio processor, OSD menu, control keyboard and LCD display panel.



Product Features

  • Portable All-In-One design
  • Standard half 1U full metal body, streamlined design, high strength, light weight
  • Integrated control keyboard
  • Supports up to 4-CH SDI and 2-CH USB/HDMI inputs
  • Support USB playback video, pictures
  • Support 1 balanced audio input, one analog audio input
  • Supports up to 2 SDI output PGM
  • Multi-screen output: HDMI X 1
  • Support special effects switching such as MIX / WIPE
  • Support CUT hard support for AUTO and FTB emergency switching, switching rate can be set
  • Support RS232/network remote
  • Internal module communication using industrial grade CAN bus
  • Built-in chassis temperature detection and fan intelligent control system
  • Support software online upgrade

HDS7103 supports Multiview

HDS7103 can multi-screen split output to display up to 6 video signals on a single HDMI TV when making multi-camera live programs! As a result, you can view the various screens, Tally prompts, graphics, previews, and final program output on the same monitor.

The HDS7103 supports two time display modes, the analog mechanical dial and the digital clock. After the device is inserted into the SD card, the SD card recording status and the remaining SD card storage space are displayed in real time, making the on-site production easier.



Rich interfaces

The HDS7103 supports 4-CH broadcast SDI and 2-CH HDMI/USB input for a total of 6 channels of video signals. The external preview signal can be output synchronously. The HDS7103 supports SDI embedded audio + external analog audio. After mixing, it can be embedded in the output SDI signal or output from the analog port. The resolution of all input signals is automatically adapted, and the output signal resolution can be selected as required, which is quite flexible. The HDS7103 has a built-in recording function. Users can record the live video output on the SD card for post-processing. For video switching needs such as radio and television, outdoor sports events, school courseware production, etc., the functions of HDS7103 can be fully satisfied.


SD Card Recording

HDS7103 supports SD card recording, and the PGM live output is recorded to the SD card with one button.

 Support MP4 format recording, recording resolution 1080P60


SD Card Recording

Support for playing pictures and videos

Picture playback support: JPEG、BMP、PNG
Video playback support: .avi、.mpg、.dat、.vob、.div、.mov、.mkv、.rm、.rmvb、.mp4、.mjpeg、.ts、.trp、.wmv、.asf、.flv


Unparalleled effects switching

You can choose to use MIX, WIPE and FADE broadcast high-quality transitions on-site to achieve excellent switching between screen sources! The transition time can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the stroke direction supports up to 8 kinds! It will help you to create high-end and exciting programs.


MIX transition effect, superimposed and superimposed B picture in A picture until the transition to the end, the picture is completely replaced with B picture


WIPE effect, the A picture is unchanged, the B picture is gradually drawn in the selected direction; the HDS7103 supports the wipe transition in 8 directions, which can be configured in the menu.


FADE in and out, and A gradually darkens until it is completely black, and then gradually changes from black to B.


Half 1U modular design

The HDS7103 is a standard 1/2U device. You can use one product on the rack or you can mix it with other different devices and install them side by side to save more space! Can also be combined with other standard semi-1U devices on the rack, such as MVP9104 multi-screen splitter, PG8903 frame sync machine, etc., a series of 1/2U professional equipment

Associate 1/2U devices



  • M
  • MVP9104 4-Screen Multiview
  • PG9103 Frame sync. machine 

HDS7103 Connection switcher

control panel

The HDS7013 can be connected to the HDS7108 switcher control panel via network and USB, making on-site production faster and more convenient.


HDS7103 Application

Switcher Guide switcher Special effect switcher Video switcher Professional switcher Professional equipment