HDS7305(2023ver)The newly HDS7305 2023 switcher adds USB3.0/DCB2/GPI control


The HDS7305, a dedicated video switcher for Broadcast & TV, and studio, adopts a portable integrated design, a metal shell, small size and light weight, which can be applied to the video special effect switching requirements of small scenes. The device integrates multiview processor, special effect generator, audio processor, control keyboard and other common switcher components.


HDS7305 complies with SMPTE standard, supports 4-CH HDMI+1-CH DP signal input, a total of 5-CH video signal. Simultaneous output of multiview and PGM signals. HDS7305 supports HDMI embedded audio + external analog audio. After mixed processing, it can be embedded into the output HDMI signal or output from the analog port. The resolution of all input signals is automatically adapted, and the resolution of output signals can be selected according to requirements, which is quite flexible. For video switching requirements such as broadcast TV, program production, live interview and speech production, outdoor sports events, etc., the functions of HDS7305 can fully meet the needs.