MVP9104(SDI MultiView)



Professional MultiView

Selection of multiple picture segmentation modes:

  • Fast switch with control panel
  • Audio column and UMD character superposition (background optional)
  • New LCD status display, the current state of the device is in control.

MVP9104 Product introduction

MVP9104 is a professional-grade multi-screen Multiviewer, supporting 4-CH SDI input, 4-CH SDI loop output, 2-CH SDI multi-screen output, 1-CH HDMI multi-screen output, The device is configured through the keypad, and supports functions such as single-screen full-screen, PIP, POP and quad screen segmentation. The device supports remote network upgrade and PC software control.

Performance Parameter

  • The design of the half 1U fuselage can be used as a rack for a single equipment or as a standard 1U for two devices.
  • Support single screen full screen, in picture, out of picture, a variety of three screen segmentation, four picture segmentation
  • Support LCD state display (multi screen segmentation mode, channel signal detection alarm, etc.)
  • Support character overlay, size and location color can be customized.
  • Support LCD state display (multi image segmentation mode, current channel signal status, etc.)
  • Input OSD, audio column display
  • Loop output port: SDI x 4 output
  • SDI x 2/HDMI x 1 Multi picture segmentation output
  • Output support for multiple resolution switching
  • Input 3G/HD/SD SDI adaptive
  • Support control panel fast control
  • Support network, RS422 control
  • Support network upgrade system functions

Two MVP9104 four pictures make up the 1U device


ONE MVP9104 four pictures make up the 1U device


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