HDS8325 Record+Stream+Touch Screen+2-CH HDMI Mini Switcher


       Miniature full-featured switcher HDS8325 with 5-inch touch LCD screen. The device integrates an image scaling engine and adapts to the input signal. At the same time, it has built-in special effects generator, audio processor and video streaming media processing and other common switcher components. The interface supports 2 HDMI video signal input, 2 microphone and 1 line input, PGM output, analog audio output and tally output. PGM video stream can be output through UVC and RTMP network stream, and can also be recorded to TF card or external storage.
    HDS8325 adopts high-strength metal shell, small size and easy to carry. It can be applied to the needs of small live broadcast and outdoor video special effects switching. For professional users, the keyboard can be extended through the DCB interface, which can be used in studios, outdoor sports events, program performances and other scenarios.



5-inch LCD screen.
All aluminum alloy body.
Hidden interface design.
Signal Input
2-CH HDMI signal input.
2-CH MIC signal input.
1-CH LINE input.
5" touch screen control.
Signal Output
1-CH PGM output.
1-CH LINE output.
1-CH UVC output.
Network push stream(RTMP).
Signal Processing
HDMI input resolution adaptive.
HDMI audio de-embedding.
audio follow, mix function.
Special effects transition such as MIX/FADE.
CUT hard cut and AUTO effect transition.
FTB output.
Color bar output.
Screen freeze function(STILL).
PIP function.
Key function (Luma key or Chroma key).
Control System
Touch screen control.
DCB control.
Network remote control.
External expansion of tally system.




HDS8325 Interface and Definition Description
No. Definition Description/Remark
1 STREAM OUT Type_C interface、UVC output
2 PGM Out PGM live output
3-4 HDMI In 2-CH HDMI signal input
6 Power supply DC 12V power supply
7-8 MIC IN 2-CH MIC input
9 LINE OUT Stereo audio output
10 RJ45  Network push/network upgrade/remote control
10 EXT HDD  External hard drive
11 HDMI OUT Alternate output
12 DCB/DCB2 DCB control (device cascade/wireless tally/external keyboard)
13 5V power supply Type_C interface
14 Lock key Switch and lock screen control
15 TF card Storage card


Function Diagram





HDS8325 Relevant information

No. Data Name Version Modified date Description/Remarks

HDS8325 Datasheet Download

1.0 March 25, 2022  first release

HDS8 series selection guide and function comparison table

  April 11, 2022  
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