HDS6506(6-CH Special Effects Switcher)


  • Media management function, support 2-CH USB media playback, select to play video or picture
  • Support PIP function, sub-window size, position can be adjusted freely, border thickness and color can be set
  • The configured liquid crystal display panel can conveniently set various parameters of the device and display the working status of the device in real time.
  • Support RS422 interface docking camera, support UMD protocol
  • Support SD/HD/3G signal format
  • 4SDI, input resolution adaptive
  • 2-CH PGM output, 1-CH SDI output AUX
  • Support multiple preview modes
  • 1-CH XLR balanced audio input; 1-CH XLR balanced audio output; support SDI audio de-embedding, external audio and SDI/HDMI de-embedded audio can be assigned output, support audio follow-up and mix switching function
  • Support MIX/FADE/WIPE switching effects; support CUT hard cut, AUTO automatic switching and FTB emergency switching; switching rate can be set
  • 1 set of KEY, support Luma Key, Chroma Key, Pattern Key; support overlay icon.



HDS6506 can produce professional HD TV programs on the spot, such as:

  • Wedding;
  • Games;
  • Outdoor Live Production;
  • Live Sports;
  • Concerts;
  • Virtual Broadcasts;
  • Educational Recordings;
  • Radio and Television.


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