DeviceWell 4K Recorder UHR1351


The DeviceWell high-definition 4K video recorder UHR1351 adopts a metal casing, which is sturdy and has strong anti-interference ability. The device integrates common components of the recorder, such as OSD menu, control keyboard, and LCD display panel.

The 4K video recorder UHR1351 adopts an embedded Linux operating system and standard H.264/h.265 compression algorithm. Supports 1 single link 12G-SDI input, 1 set of 4-link 12G-SDI input, and 1 HDMI/DP video input. SDI channel recording resolution adaptive, with a maximum recording resolution of 2160P60; The HDMI channel recording resolution is fixed at 2160P60. For audio and video recording needs such as broadcasting and television, outdoor sports events, medical teaching, and school courseware production, the functions of a 4K video recorder can fully meet them.

·Support SDI/HDMI-compatible/DP recording

·Support HDMI-compatible output preview playback

·System integrated control panel and OSD

·Support NTFS format SSD hard drive ·Support H.264/H.265 encoding

·Half 1U full metal body, sturdy and strong anti-interference ability

· VBR dynamic recording bit rate, up to 100Mbps supported

·Recording format 2160P60/50/30、1080P60/50/30

·Supports media playback and can directly play video files in storage devices · SDI channel recording resolution adaptive,  recording resolution 2160P60

·SDI supports single link/quad link-2SI mode|4 links-SQD mode input

·Support software online upgrade