SCP6 Platform

SCP6 platform, the core platform developed in 2011, after years of development, stable performance and wide application. SCP6 platform adopts standard rack design, with SDI video as the main processing signal, modular design, flexible configuration, and widely used in broadcasting, video conferencing, medical and education.


SCP6 platform common features:

1. Standard rack structure

2. The core layer uses a pure hardware system with fast startup speed and large capacity.

3. The host supports dedicated keyboard, remote network, RS422, USB keyboard and other controls.

4. Support remote network, RS232/RS485, GPIO and other controls

5. Multi-protocol interface command system

6. Support device comes with buttons, USB keyboard control

7. Support device comes with LCD status display

8. Support device own clock system

9. Support post-software upgrades and extensions


SCP6 platform seamless output function:

 Video switching has no "black screen", no "splash screen"

 Input SDI signal adaptive (SD/HD/3G)

 Self-contained zoom engine, optional output

 Output frame rate can be adjusted

 Output frame ratio can be adjusted


Professional level features:

 Support for character overlay (UMD)

 Support audio column display

 Support time code (TimeCode)

 Support for external synchronization signals (Genlock)

 Support 32 groups of user-defined configurations

 Support for redundant power supply systems (Redundant power supply)

 Support intelligent cooling system

 Support network upgrade system function

 Support professional level customization


Application industry:

1. SDI matrix for broadcast and television industry: SDI matrix, SDI frame sync switcher, SDI seamless matrix

2. Guided switching industry multi-camera switching: SDI switcher, SDI seamless switcher

3. Conference industry video switching: SDI video switcher, SDI seamless switcher

4. Education and teaching video switching: SDI video switcher, SDI seamless switcher


Typical application





Seamless matrix SDI Matrix Professional equipment