PD6512 (Seamless SDI to HDMI)




Product Features

• Based on the third generation technology design of Zhongdiwei

• Support 3G/HD/SD SDI signal input/loop output

• Support common formats 1080P/1080I/720P/480I/576I

• Supports special formats such as 1080PSF/720P 30/25/24HZ

• 1080P/1080I, 720P inverter output

• Up conversion function PAL/NTSC/720P to 1080I/1080P

• Downconvert 1080I/1080 to PAL/NTSC/720P

• Support input signal adaptation

• SDI embedded audio de-embedding

• Support for SDI audio de-embedding into analog stereo audio output

• Support for external analog audio embedding to HDMI

• Special features can be customized


Product Function Chart




Other Applications


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