4K/12G SDI 8x8 Matrix -SCP2008

1. Support 220V dual power supply system

2. Support LCD display system information setting

3. Support 8 channels of SDI input, 8 channels of SDI output (one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many output modes)

4. SDI output supports seamless switching; can be switched from 8 channels to 1 output; (input resolution must be unified)

5. The use of high-performance image processing technology enables long-distance transmission of image signals without distortion. Each output resolution supports up to 3840X2160 60Hz, the picture quality is clearer and more textured

6. Support "eight  cut to one" operation, when 8 channels of SDI signals are connected, one of the 8 signals can be arbitrarily assigned to output through the button panel

7. Support various professional camera, PC terminal and other equipment input, plug and play, flexible operation

8. The front panel has buttons, knobs, and LCD panel, which is convenient for customers to operate and display real-time status

9. Support one-key lock operation

10. Support RS422/RJ45 interface control, the network port can open API protocol for customers to connect to other control panels

11. Special functions can be customized


Rich interface configuration

Rich interface, support network, RS422 serial port and USB multiple control Built-in ReClock/ReTime module, up to 75M balance

Dual power supply redundant power supply system

AC 220V dual power supply system

Multi-device output system

Maximum total switching capacity of 120G, optional support 150G input or output bandwidth

Interface parameter introduction

Diversified output formats, one-key switching One in and one out, one in and more out, eight in and eight out

Functional application diagram

The equipment adopts high-performance digital processing chip, which can switch multiple SDI signal sources to multiple SDI compatible monitors or large screens.

Technical parameter introduction

Support 8 channels of SDI input, 8 channels of SDI output, SDI output supports seamless switching


More application scenarios

Used in radio and television, live broadcast and various event venues, it can be widely used in large-scale concerts, sports events, multimedia teaching, military industry, radio and television engineering and other fields

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