MD1112 (SDI to HDMI + Loop out + LCD + Speaker)


FHD Broadcast Grade 3G SDI Converter

MD1112---- HD Video SDI Converter

SDI To HDMI + SDI Loop Out + LCD + Speaker


3G SDI HD Video Converter













DeviceWell HD Video Converter MD1112,

Based On FHD Broadcast 3G SDI Signal

Design. The SDI Input Supports Up

To 3G SDI LevelA/B Signals And Is Backward

Compatible With HD SDI And SD SDI.

MD1112 Built-In SDI Signal Equalizer,

SDI Decoder, SDI Driver, HDMI Decoder

And HDMI Encoder, LCD Display Driver

And Audio Power Amplifier, Can Achieve

One SDI Loop Out And One SDI To HDMI,

SDI Video On LCD Display, SDI Audio

De-Embedding And Audio Amplifiers.

The Device Uses A Pure Hardware Architecture

With Fast Startup, Low Power Consumption

And No Delay Output.


Lightweight And Portable,Meet

Your Signal Conversion Function


The Micro USB Interface Is Also

Used For Powering The Device And

Can Be Applied To USB Mobile Device

Power Supply Systems Such As Charging

Treasures. In Addition, The Equipment Is

Equipped With 1/4 Hot Shoe Screws, Which

Is Convenient For Professional Users To Fix



Straight-Through Type, Instant Output, No Delay

SDI Supports LevelA & LevelB When Inputting 3G Support One Way HDMI Signal Output,

One Channel LCD Display Output


Output conversion monitor selection

The device comes with a 2.6-inch display

Ordinary HDMI display / TV

Input and output resolution adaptive


Audio output

SDI audio de-embedding and audio amplifier


◆SDI input supports 3G/HD/SD SDI

◆ Input and output resolution adaptive, through output,Supports up to 1080P60 

◆ SDI signal is displayed on the LCD

◆ SDI supports LevelA & LevelB when inputting 3G

◆ Support one way HDMI signal output

◆ Support one way SDI loop output

◆ USB (5V) power supply system


Can be widely used in professional broadcast television equipment,medical equipment,

high-definition conference systems, high-definitionteaching equipment, signal

transmission, security monitoring and multimedia advertising applications.


MD1012 SDI to HDMI+ SDI Loop out


DeviceWell Professional SDI HD video converter MD1012, a dedicated 3G/HD/SD SDI

signal converted to HDMI signal. The device integrates a 3G/HD/SD-SDI receiver and

an HDMI encoder to easily convert 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals to HDMI and embed audio

from SDI signals into HDMI signals. The MD1012 input SDI signal is adaptive, and the

output resolution remains the same as the input. In addition, the MD1012 supports

one SDI loop signal output. Can be widely used in professional broadcast television

equipment, medical equipment, high-definition conference systems, high-definition

teaching equipment, signal transmission, security monitoring and multimedia

advertising applications.The Micro usb interface is also used for powering the

device and can be applied to USB mobile device power supply systems such as

charging treasures. In addition, the equipment is equipped with 1/4 hot shoe crepe,

which is convenient for professional users to fix equipment.