DeviceWell 4K Recorder UHR1351

LCD display status

Supports recording status display and recording duration display
Real-time display of current input signal format
Support current system time display
Real-time display of recording hard disk status

System integrated control panel and OSD

The system has an integrated control panel and is very fast to use. Press the corresponding channel key on the control panel to quickly source SDI/UHD/DP video. Press the knob on the control panel to enter the channel setting interface, where you can set the single link/quad link-2SI|SQD mode of the SDI signal. It has play/pause, previous video file, next video file and more playback control buttons.

Support NTFS format SSD hard drive

Supports SDI and  HDMI-compatible/DP video input, SDI channel recording resolution is adaptive, the maximum recording resolution is 2160P60; HDMI-compatible/DP channel recording resolution is fixed at 2160P60. Professional broadcast grade video recorder using SSD storage media for recording and playback.

Using embedded Linux operating system Standard H.264/H.265 compression algorithm

H264 supports baseline/Main profile/High profile, recording format 2160P/1080P60/1080P50/1080P30, VBR dynamic recording bit rate, up to 100Mbps.

SDI, UHD and DP 3 signal sources

Support DP1.2 video signal Support HDMI-compatible 2.0 video signal SDI: single link/Quad link-2SI|SQD mode input

4K Recorder

The 4K hard disk video recorder has a semi-1U all-metal body, high strength and light weight. Although it is compact, it has powerful functions, including1 single link 12G-SDI input, 1 set of quad-link 12G-SDI input, 1 4K60 HDMI-compatible input, 1 4K 60DP input, SSD hard disk storage, and supports HDMI-compatible 2.0 output (display The playback interface can play SSD hard disk/USB video files), supports SSD recorded file playback, USB3.0 supports U disk video file playback (supports video files in MPEG2/4, H263/4/5, VP8/9 encoding formats) , USB2.0 supports mouse and keyboard. Type C interface supports firmware upgrade.

Practical solutions for numerous broadcast and live production jobs

The 4K hard disk video recorder adopts a metal casing, which is sturdy and has strong anti-interference ability. The device integrates common components of the video recorder such as OSD menu, control keyboard and LCD panel. The 4K video recorder uses an embedded Linux operating system and standard H.264/H.265 compression algorithm. Supports 1 single link 12G-SDI input, 1 set of quad-link 12G-SDI input, 1 channel of HDMI and 1 channel of DP video input. Meet the audio and video recording needs of radio and television, outdoor sports events, medical teaching, school courseware production, etc.


   4K video recorders are very suitable for recording broadcasts and recordings of live productions such as radio and television, outdoor sports events, medical teaching, and school courseware production. The device is equipped with SDI and HDMI-compatible/DP inputs and can be connected to any live production switcher. In addition, H.264 files can be played directly on smart TVs, mobile phones and tablets.


The 4K video recorder has professional broadcast quality, Save video files on local hard drive. You can use a 4K switcher for multi-camera production, and then use a 4K video recorder to record the tutorial footage. A common application for this product is to play previously recorded video footage through an HDMI screen or a large projector, so that students who are unable to watch it in time due to delays can play back the video to study and review again! The file size recorded in the H.264 format is small enough to create a large number of content archives that can be easily retrieved and viewed even after years of storage.






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Serial No. Material name Version modification date Description/Remarks
1 UHR1351 Specification download 1.0 Nov. 23, 2023  
2 UHR1351 Photos download 1.0 Nov. 23, 2023  
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