PD6337 (YPbP optical transceiver)

 A dedicated component video to fiber optic signal device, based on the third generation technology design of DeviceWell. The device integrates FRCS (frame rate conversion system), YPbPr receiver and optical signal encoder to convert YPbPr signal into Optical fiber signal. At the same time, PD6337 can also embed external analog stereo audio into optical signal. PD6337 integrates up and down conversion function, input YPbPr signal adaptive, output optional 1080P/1080I/720P. The device adopts detachable SFP optical module. According to different needs, the corresponding modules of different distances and different speeds can be arbitrarily replaced. The device automatically adapts to the input signal and is easy to operate.




※Product Features


◆ Based on the third generation technology design of DeviceWell

◆ 5V-12V wide voltage power supply

◆ Removable SFP optical module

◆ Support up and down conversion function

◆ 1 way YPbPr / component video signal input

◆ 1 analog stereo audio input

◆ 1 channel optical signal output

◆ Universal LC fiber interface

◆ Up to 1080P@60HZ, backward compatible

◆ Indicator status display

◇ Special features can be customized


※Product Interface Diagram


1. Function setting (see table below)

2. YPbPr / component video signal input

3. Analog stereo audio input

4. DC 5V-12V

  5. Optical signal output

6. LED indication (P: power supply L: standard definition M: high definition H: 3G)


※Product Function Chart





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