Users' Manual for HDS7105_2021 to SINSAM

Users' Manual for HDS7105_2021 to SINSAM


  1. Connect the HDS7105 device to the computer with a Type-c to USB-A interface data cable;


  1. Turn on the computer and check if the device is recognized in the device manager of the computer; as shown below


      3.Double-click to open the SINSAM software, click on the video device, and a window for selecting the input source will appear;

      4.Click the 7105 video in video device, click the setting icon behind the device model, an audio and video parameter setting window will appear; select YUV2 as the video format, and the maximum video size is 1360X768; the video format is MJPG, the maximum video size is 1280X720; built-in audio Select digital audio interface (2-7105 audio in), click OK after setting; as shown below

     5. The built-in audio and audio format under the device model map the parameters just set, click OK; as shown below

     6. The addition is complete; as shown below




                                                          Users’ Manual


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