PD2011T 12G SDI Distributor



中帝威(Devicewell) 音视频延时器PD8601,是一款可以让声音和视频同步延迟输出的设备,PD8601设备自动识别标清高清SDI信号,可对视频信号提供0-30秒延时,最高支持30秒延时。使用户可对要播出的内容进行控制,可广泛应用于各种实时播出场合。具备两路XLR的端子输入音频信号,可连接调音台输出的声音或麦克风直接连接,具备两路XLR的端子输出音频信号,可连接到音箱播放。


PD2011T 12G SDI


DeviceWell 12G SDI signal distributor, based on 4K broadcast-grade 12G SDI signal design. The device supports up to single-

link 12G SDI signals and is backward compatible with 6G SDI, 3G SDI, HD SDI and SD SDI. The device has built-in SDI signal

equalization, decoder, serial clock recovery and line driver, which can realize 1 channel SDI signal input and distribute 3

channel SDI signal outputs. The transmission distance of 12G SDI exceeds 75M, the transmission distance of 6G SDI exceeds

100M, and the transmission distance of 3G SDI exceeds 120M. The device adapts the bit rate of 12G, 6G, 3G, 1.5G and 270M

without additional settings. It can be applied to professional SDI video signals such as UHDTV/FHDTV/HDTV/SDTV, especially

for broadcast-grade ultra-high definition digital signals.        The device adopts dual power supply system, supports standard

5-12V wide voltage power supply, and supports MicroUSB power supply. It can be applied to USB mobile device power supply

systems such as charging treasure. In addition, the equipment is equipped with UK 1/4 screw hole, which is convenient for

professional users to fix.


12G signal distributor

Supports up to single-link 12G SDI signals, backward compatible with 6G

SDI, 3G SDI, HD SDI and SD SDI One 12G signal source input, can

simultaneously output 3 12G signals to on different monitors



Unique design

PD2011T One-to-three splitter design is unique “Strange-hand”hole



Power supply dual


PD2011T one-third distributor

supports standard 5-12V wide

voltage supply DC12V power

supply and MicroUSB power

supply optional


No minimum, only smaller

PD2011T 12G SDI Distributor Mini size:50*45*24mm