PD2091D 4K SDI demux


     DeviceWell 4K SDI demux--PD2091D, 4K signal demux device is based on broadcast-

grade single-link 12G SDI and 4-link SDI signals. The device supports up to single-link

12G SDI signal demultiplexing into a 4-link 3G SDI signal, and the compatible single-

link 6G SDI signal is demultiplexed into a 4-link 1.5GSDI signal. The device has built-in

SDI signal equalization, demultiplexer, serial clock recovery and line driver, and

supports 1 channel 12G SDI signal or 1 channel optical signal input, 4 X 3G SDI signal

output. The 12G SDI input exceeds the transmission distance of 75M. The optical signal

adopts the standard SFP optical module. The standard transmission distance is 20KM.

The corresponding modules of different distances can be arbitrarily changed according

to different application scenarios. The device's SDI input signal frequency is

automatically adapted to multiplex a single-link 12G SDI signal into a 4-link 4K signal.

It can be applied to professional SDI video signals such as UHDTV/FHDTV/HDTV/SDTV,

especially for the field of link multiplexing of broadcast-grade ultra-high definition

digital signals.


HD output

PD2091D 4K SDI Demux supports single-link 12G SDI signal demuxing into Quad Link 3G

SDI signal, HD output: 1920*1080P/60HZ.


Stable power supply,no black screen

PD2091D 4K SDI demux, support DC12V power input, normal safe power supply, plug and play.


Not hot to use for a long time

PD2091D 4K SDI demux, in order to make the device run longer, we set up a small fan

inside the small body to easily dissipate heat.


Unique design

PD2091D 4K SDI demux, designed a unique “strange-hand” hole position for the

basic camera monitoring (UK 1/4 screw), on-site monitoring to build at any time,

making the transmission closer.



Long distance transmission

PD2091D 4K SDI demux has an output drive distance of more than 75 meters for 12G SDI.


PD2091D 4K SDI demux, 12G optical signal uses standard SFP optical module, standard

transmission distance is 20KM.







PD2091D 4K SDI Demux, size: 105.2*92*29MM.