DeviceWell 2SDI+4HDMI+4DP 4K UHD Switchers- UHS9610R

Transition Pattern up to 100+

Hundreds of special effect wipes such as circle, rhombus, fan, plum blossom, shutter, etc.A separate can be set with various irregular patterns, and the position, size, and quantity of images can be adjusted.



Realize live streaming through USB3.0 direct connection, allowing you to make live on YouTube, Facebook and Skype with higher picture quality, no frame loss, and easier setup. Just choose the live platform, and then enter the video source to start the live!

GPI Control, Foot pedal, Control handle, etc.

GPI custom interface, convenient for users to remotely control and customize connected devices.

Docking Director Tally System

Broadcast & TV standard tally interface, , docking with the director tally system, so that the long-distance camera shooting can be controlled in real time to ensure that the output picture is accurate.

PC Remote Control

The new program can be updated through the network port, and the special PC control software can be used to remotely control the device on the computer side, which supports remote control of screen switching, transition effects, audio settings, etc.

Multi user cascading operation

The production of large-scale on-site activities, such as radio and television, program production, on-site production of interviews and speeches, outdoor sports events, etc., requires a production team with exquisite skills, and a group of creative professionals to seamlessly collaborate. The switching station controls the switching station panel through an Ethernet interface. You can run control software on your computer to allow staff to perform tasks such as multi screen pre monitoring processor, special effects generator, audio processor, control keyboard, camera control, etc. In addition, you can still strategize no matter how far away you are through remote control software! For professional users, the keyboard can be extended and controlled through the DCB interface.


   Support Chroma key and Luma key, Chroma Key supports dynamic video source image and static source keying, key out the blue or green part of the source, keep other colors, and then overlap with the background image to achieve the purpose of keying and overlaying the background. Luma KEY deducts the black part of the source, and then overlaps with the background image to achieve the purpose of keying and superimposing the background. It is mostly used in broadcast and TV programs, live speeches, superimposing subtitles in virtual studios and other scenarios.

Application Diagram

The  switcher supports 4-CH 4K60 HDMI-compatible+4-CH 4K60 DP +2-CH 12G SDI signal input, total 10-CH  video signals. The external preview signal can be output synchronously. The switcher supports HDMI-compatible embedded audio + Balanced audio. After mixing, it can be embedded in the output HDMI-compatible signal or output from the Balanced audio port. The resolution of all input signals is automatically adapted, and the resolution of output signals can be selected according to requirements, which is quite flexible. Widely used in broadcast&TV, HD digital medical industry, education and teaching, multimedia video conferencing, image transmission, large-scale multimedia high-definition display, outdoor large-screen display, large-scale stage display, sports events, military command and exercise, emergency command and control center, automation control Center and multimedia teaching and other fields.



Downloading the instructions of the 4K UHD Switchersof Devicewell


Serial No. Material name Version modification date Description/Remarks
1 UHS9610R Specification download 1.0 Nov. 17, 2023  
2 UHS9610R Photos download 1.0 Nov. 17, 2023  
3 UHS Series Switchboard Specification Download 1.0 Nov. 17, 2023  
4 Others      


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