Video switcher&Audio mixer ALL In One---AVS7105

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DeviceWell releases the first AIO live switcher AVS7105, which makes the director simpler and the live broadcast more professional!

AIO means All In One, AVS7105 integrates the mixer and switcher into one device for the first time. AVS is the first device with AIO function. We will release more styles in the future, so stay tuned!


AVS series products follow the style of HDS. The operation is simple, no need to know a lot of professional knowledge, aside from tedious software operation skills, only need to switch control according to the most intuitive buttons, you can easily create a live broadcast feast.

In terms of video processing, the AVS series is similar to HDS, with integrated multiview processor, special effects processor,Common components of switcher such as audio processor and control keyboard. 4 HDMI + 1 DP signal input, a total of 5 video signals. The external preview signal can be output synchronously. AVS7105 supports HDMI embedded audio + external analog audio. After mixing, it can be embedded in the output HDMI signal or output from the analog port. The resolution of all input signals is automatically adapted, and the output signal resolution can be selected as required, which is quite flexible. 2 balanced audio inputs, 2 stereo audio inputs, including USB sound card, 16 audio effects, 2 balanced audio outputs, 2 stereo audio outputs, and 2 audio monitor outputs. Meet the video switching needs of broadcasting and television, program production, on-site production of interviews and speeches, outdoor sports events, and school courseware production.



2 ways balanced audio input,2 audio balancing adjustments,PAN adjustment,Channel volume adjustment


USB sound card,USB sound card audio input,USB sound card audio output

Independent channel sound switch,16 audio effects,Sound volume adjustment

2 sets of balanced audio output,2 sets of stereo audio output,Reuse USB sound card output 

Instant sound frequency input, 3 sets of stereo/6 channel mono audio input,Reuse switchboard audio input, Reuse USB sound card input,2 audio balancing adjustments,Channel volume adjustment

Monotor,2 sets of stereo audio monitoring(6.35mm+3.5mm)


Control Panel:


No. Name Description
1 Mixer  controller Gain/EQ/PAN/FX/Volume  control
2 Functional area Currently supports F1/F2/F3 functions
3 Functional area Mainly to set the audio follow-up& mix and  audio volume control
4 PGM&PVW selection area Live program and preview selection
5 Transition  special effects control area Select transition effects
6 Comprehensive  control area PIP and STILL special effects
7 Transition  control area Control transition switching
8 Rate control  area Transition rate adjustment
9 Menu control  area Use menu button to set menu information
10 FTB Field to black
11 FX RTN/Master Volume FX and master volume control
12 Monitor volume  control Monitor volume control




No. Definition Description
1 TALLY DB15 pin,  connect with intercom system
2 DCB Cascade  equipment, supporting TALLY lamp module (reserved)
3 GPIO External  expansion IO controller
4 UAC(USB Sound Card) USB sound card
5 RJ45 Network  upgrade, PC remote control
6 LINE IN/OUT Stereo audio  input and output
7 MIC IN 2-CH MIC input
8 STREAM OUT Type_C   interface, UVC output
9 HDMI OUT 1*PGM  live  output
10 MULTIVIEW Multiview  output
11 HDMI IN/DP IN 4 HDMI+1 DP  input, the first input can be switched to DP input
12 DC 12V power input
13 Audio IN XLR analog  differential balanced audio input
14 Stero IN Stereo audio input
15 Audio Out XLR analog differential balanced audio output
16 Monitor stereo output Monitor stereo  output


Main functions

◆ Portable integrated design

◆ Simple operation, dedicated hardware control buttons and audio faders

◆ Support up to 4 HDMI+1 DP inputs

◆ 2 MIC inputs

◆ 1 LINE IN input

◆ 1 LINE OUT output

◆ Support 1 UVC output

◆ 2-channel mixer, supporting HDMI input, with XLR, LAN, TRS and RCA interfaces

◆ Support PC remote control

◆ The equipment comes with color bar output screen

◆ Support audio follow, audio mixing function

◆ Support HDMI audio de-embedding

◆ PGM output: 1 HDMI

◆ Multiview output: 1 HDMI

◆ Support MIX /FADE and other special effects switching

◆ Support CUT hard cut and AUTO special effect switch

◆ Support Tally to connect the intercom system

◆ Support screen freeze function

◆ Support PIP function

◆ Support vertical screen menu output, and use with PM1005 and PM1007 to output vertical screen

◆Support up to 1080/30p (uncompressed) USB3.0 audio and video output and audio loopback function





Professional switcher switcher AVS7105