HDS6112 12-CH Switcher



     All-In-One HD Video Switcher

     Devicewell HDS6112 12-channel switcher is a cost-effective, broadcast-quality, all-

in-one HD video switcher that supports 10-bit 1920 x 1080i video output with 8

1080PSignal input, designed for live events and TV shows that require a mix of

multiplevideo and sound sources. The HDS6112 has the perfect mobile navigation

system. It isalso a complete mobile system. It also keeps HD and SD capable of

simultaneouslyinputting and switching, amplifying 12 sets of inputs and dual DSK

functions with upto 10 screen split displays, which can bring you more exciting

positions production. SD,HD and 3G video format input adaptive, can directly record

PGM video source to SDcard, LCD panel real-time display the working status, a variety

of special effectstransition with T-bar, no need complicated operation, you can easily

create excitingprogram that meets your needs for on-site production.





Compact and all-in-one design to create a

                         stylish switcher






The Size of HDS6112 12-channel HD

video switcher: 409.94*227.9*62MM,

all-aluminum case, HD video switcher

with multiple operations



LED button of HDS6112 12-channel

HD video switcherThe ultra-feeling

"LED illuminated button" has clear

markings for each button, making

operation easier.



T-Bar and LCD of HDS6112 12-channel

HD video switcher The LCD panel

displays the information of the

switcher. T-bar can realize

switching operations and

other operations in real time.



Rich interfaces of HDS6112 12-channel

HD video switcher 12 channel switcher

input: 12*SDI Output: 4*SDI,

2*HDMI 1*HDMI and 1*SDI multiview output...


HD video switcher for multi-format video input

and output

  • All-In-One design, aluminum alloy material
  • Support 14 screen split monitoring
  • Support SD/HD/3G signal format
  • Input: 12*SDI
  • Output: 4*SDI, 2*HDMI PGM output
  • Multiview output 2*SDI, 1* HDMI
  • 1* XLR balanced audio input&output
  • Support SDI audio de-embedding; support audio follow-up and mix switching function
  • Input format auto-detected and output format selectable
  • Record PGM video to SD card, up to 1080p60
  • Support 1*SDI custom output PGM/PVW
  • Support 1*AUX output
  • Support audio monitoring function, easy to monitor any audio and PGM live output audio
  • PIP/POP window size and position adjustable
  • T-Bar/AUTO/CUT/FTB transitions and MIX/ FADE/ WIPE/INV effects
  • Luma Key&Chroma Key; Support overlay icon
  • Support RS422 control cameras
  • Support PC software remote control and upgrade

High-end equipment suitable for different scenes


HDS6112 12-channel multiview monitoring


Up to 12 interface windows for monitoring,real-

time display of clock, recording and menu


When the HDS6112 is used to create a multi-camera live program, the

multiview output can be displayed on one HDMI monitor, and the screen

splits and displays up to 10 video signals! Therefore, you can view the camera

screens, as well as previews, graphics, clocks, menu information, and final

program output screens on the same monitor.



HDS6112 supports SD card recording, PGM

output one-click recording to SD card, support

MP4 format recording, recording resolution



1080P60 Ultra HD output, restore true

color:Supports up to 10-bit 1920 x 1080i

video output with 8 bit 1080P signal input

1080p video signal can vividly restore

high-fidelity, high-definition camera and

computer video signals.


  The size of screens in the PIP mode can be switched, and the border color

  can be changed at will (red/green/blue/white optional) to achieve feature

  article functions, which is very practical and individual.


 POP is also a simple operation that can be realized to achieve split screen

 monitoring effect


Rich and comprehensive interface panel:


The HDS6112 supports a variety of signal input formats, including up to 12 SD video

source input interfaces, and the SDI interface can be used to connect 3G, HD, and SD.

The DVI-I connector is used to connect to DVI-D, DVI-A, and even HDMI via a simple

HDMI/DVI converter. The Mini D-Sub 15-pin connector can be used to connect SD/HD

components or to connect to a computer via RGB.


HDS6112 HD video switcher

supports 12-channel SDI

video source input,

supporting up to 8 camera

source inputs


HDS6112 HD video switcher

supports 12-channel SDI video

source input, supporting up to

8 camera source inputs


Panel introduction


Interface introduction